Food/Dinner – Campfire Sessions


Back O Bourke Campfire Session’s current menu includes either a delicious slow cooked braised beef casserole or an aromatic lentil & flavoursome vegetable hotpot. Both recipes are traditionally mild & served on a bed of jasmine rice & both are gluten free.  Don’t feel shy to ask  for “a bit of both” –  almost everyone does.  Guests can then add their own seasoning or spice from a selection of condiments, sauces, or a dash of sour cream.

There is plenty to go around, you can be assured that no-one goes home hungry,  but you must make sure you leave “the corners” for the famous Campfire Sessions dessert….a luscious lemon curd tart in short crust pastry, piped with fresh cream.

Bring along your favourite mug to finish up the evening with a hot cup of tea or coffee.

Many of our visitors request the Campfire Sessions recipes.  Here are they are to try at home, whilst reminiscing about your evening at the Campfire Session out at the Back O Bourke.